Why Choose Forest School?

By bringing people of all ages together in a woodland or other natural outdoor setting, frequently around a campfire, Forest School meets a fundamental need in people to engage with the natural world. Children thrive & learn through play, in the mud, watching mini-beasts or staring at the flames. Young people challenge themselves to create using natural materials, tell stories around the fire or relax in hammocks. And adults find peace, laughter and resiliance, taking part alongside or apart from children, learning and playing again. At Campfire Cymru, we have seen over and over the again, the transformation in relationships and confidence unfold from the moment children & families arrive in the woods, breathe in the fresh air, explore, slow down, learn and laugh, to the moment they leave the woods, calmer, more together, strengthened by the exercise, inclusive ethos and experiences they have shared.

For school groups, this tranformative process can build the social health of a group, uniting class and teacher together in shared endeavour. More often than not, teachers are happily surprised that children who find the classroom structure more challenging, shine and come to life in the forest school environment. New friendships form and strengths are recognised that can be taken back into classroom learning or enhanced through additional outdoor learning back at school. At our Outdoor Learning CPD sessions, teachers and assistants find new ways to enthuse and support students and often take the next step with us to undertake the Level 3 Certificate in leading Forest School or other accredited Outdoor Learning training.

For families and for adults regular sessions together in the woods can be extremely beneficial. Especially when this time is shared with others who have similar experiences. Children and adults make new friends easily outdoors; joining in with making a den, learning to light a fire or making nettle string can captivate and engage all ages. A cup of tea or hot chocolate always tastes better outdoors! Especially when the weather is cold and you are all wrapped up, sitting round a fire or in your own den.